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Abstract Futuristic Background

Discover the BEACON-5G use cases


The BEACON-5G (Building REconfigurable, Agile, SeCure, and TrustwOrthy Systems for OpeNness in 5G) project contributes towards accelerating the development of 5G Open RAN solutions for urban requirements. It aims to develop an end-to-end high performance 5G system with native capabilities of openness, security, and trustworthiness, that can be rapidly reconfigured and optimised for operation in diverse industry-centric and consumer-centric applications in dense urban local/private as well as in public/carrier environments.


End-to-End Network Slicing

Agile 5G Service Platform

Core Network Disaggregation

Co-deployment of White-box and Vendor-based System Components

Real-world Technology Trials

Security and Trustworthiness


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